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Straight Naked Thugs
Rating: 75.00
TRIAL MEMBERSHIP: $29.95 - 30 day, no renew
MONTHLY RENEWAL: $24.95 - 30 day, renews
REVIEWED BY: , Thu Aug 27 2009
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 CONTENT Rating: 4 out of 5
The site delivers on what it promises, which are street guys who, for some cash incentive, are willing to jack off in front of a camera. The majority of these guys are who you would find hanging out and smoking, giving attitude and problems to those who cross their paths. These bad ass boys sport tattoos and piercings as well as big hard boners just for your viewing pleasure. The guys are young white thugs with a few Latinos and African Americans mixed into the group. There are even a few tattooed females in some of the picture galleries helping shy boys get up and off for their gay viewers.

This is a fairly new site and they offer both picture galleries and videos. The picture galleries have amateur style pictures and stills from the featured videos. The thumbnail pictures in the photo galleries could be larger in size. It is too bad they have a banner ad for DVDs on the right hand size that takes up almost half the page. The majority of pictures look like Polaroid shots as opposed to high-end professional quality prints. On the upside they do have a pretty extensive number of pictures, which are divided into different categories such as Fresh Thugs, for younger guys just right off the street, and Alpha Thugs, more hardcore and tougher guys. If you like to check out their complete cast of amateurs, just click on the “Models” link, located at the top of the page, and it gives you a complete gallery list of their models.

In their video section, which is organized by release date with the newest ones at the top of the page, you get to see these street thugs show off their masturbation skills. The majority of the videos are solo jack-offs with some having two to three guys working their hard cocks together. These guys have impressive and raw cocks with slim and lean bodies. Their tattoos and piercing combined with their attitudes easily remind the viewer that these guys have some. There are trash talking and flipping the birdie mixed in to give viewer a real sense of models’ backgrounds. One disappointing fact is that in the group jack off scenes, these guys do not lend each other a hand. What happened to lending your bro a hand? To each his own and they keep it to their own in the group scenes. There are no anal or anal play scenes in the videos, just hard ass guys stroking their even harder boners until they explode their hot cum wherever they damn well please. It would have been hot to see these guys have more physical contact with each other. However, they are street guys, so they have a reputation to protect.

Next time you are walking down the street you see a group of guys with their tattoos, piercing, and low sagging pants showing off their underwear and, maybe, ass crack, and you are wondering what they look like naked, if you’re really lucky they might be on this site. The site does deliver on its namesake and for those who are into guys with a rougher edge and street attitude, you need to check this site out.

Though the guys on the site are hot, you might have to ignore the silly descriptions which use a lot of poorly phrased sentences like "A thug gotta b able 2 do shit da normal people cant do." which is actually a combination of street thug and leet speak.

 MEDIA Rating: 3 out of 5
The site offers both picture galleries and videos. In the picture galleries you get amateurs quality photos. Some of the photos needed better lighting to get a truly nice shot of the individuals in the picture. However, the draw for this site is the amateur angle, so this might be a conscious choice of the sites producers to keep things real. The thumbnails in the photo galleries can be larger to allow a better view of each photo. Once you click on a photo, you are taken to a slide show mode with large photos, you have the option of staying in slide show or going back to the thumbnails. You can save some of the photos onto your computer, but there are a few photos that do not have this option.

Their videos are streaming videos using QuickTime Player and your Internet browser. You can also download the videos right onto your computer to play back anytime you like. There is no DRM, but you do need QuickTime Player to play the videos back after your download. You can choose to view the videos in its entirety or just individual clips. The videos are good quality with an amateur style delivery. There are no special lighting and they use live sound. You can only download one video clip at a time, so be patient when doing downloads. If you decide to use the streaming video option on your Internet browser, it is best if you allow the entire video to finish buffering before you play the video. The buffering requirements need to be quicker for the streaming videos, because the start of the video takes longer then I would have liked. This is especially critical when I got a hard on and really want to get off, but don’t want to wait for the video to fully finish buffering.

 APPEARANCE Rating: 3 out of 5
The site has a nice and clean appearance with little distractions. At the top of the home page are the different areas you can choose to visit. Majority of the hot buttons, designed to look like tabs, are picture galleries with one tab being their video section. The great thing about the home page is that they list their newest releases right upfront, so you are not searching all over the site to find the latest material. There are some banner ads in various pages, which I find kind of distracting, especially in the photo galleries. However, it is not as bad as other sites. Overall, it is site has a good and, yet, simple appearance.
 NAVIGATION Rating: 4 out of 5
The site was fairly easy to navigate. The hot links are always located right at the top of the page, so this makes it is easy to find and jump to different areas of the sites. Once you are at a specific page, you can choose to view the galleries according to names of the models or date of release. Once you have chosen an option to view the galleries, such as model’s name, the rest of the site pages will use this as the default setting. Although they have different categories of material, a lot of the materials are part of more than one category. Your best bet is to visit the “Models” section and choose the models you like to view. On the models page, there are thumbnails to showcase each model. When it is a group of two or more models in the scene, they get their own thumbnails, which I found inefficient. It would be nice to have ALL the scenes the particular model is part of listed under his page. You can select photos or videos at the model page, look for the little video icon at the lower right hand corner for videos.

The site also allows you to create your own favorite list of guys you like to keep seeing. Look for the favorite add button at the right-hand side close to the top of the page. In addition, they also have a search engine at the bottom of the page. However, the search is really for model names and nothing else. I tried typing in different search phrases such as “jacking off” and “cum shots” with no result. However, when I did type in a models’ name it does bring up the right results. As for logging off the site, I was disappointed that to log off the site, you would need to go back to the home page.

 PRICING Rating: 4 out of 5
Simple pricing categories. It is $14.95 for a 3 days trial or $19.95 for a 7 days trail. If you like the site and prefer a longer stay, it is $24.95 for the month recurring every 30 days. Since they update their picture gallery and video at least once each week, you are sure to get something new each week. The price is fairly comparable to other sites. The only down side is that their video archives needs more content for the monthly fee they are currently charging.
 OVERALL Rating: 4 out of 5
The site clearly delivers on its name. They bring together mostly white, straight, trash talking, cocky son of the bitches right off the streets and film them jacking off. These “thugs” show off their tattoos, piercing, lean and hot bodies, and, of course, hard cocks in front of the camera for all to see. The site is fairly new, so they offer fresh faces and amateurs that have not been featured on any other sites before. If you are looking for real guys, this site provides that. Don’t be surprised if you get flipped off more than once by the models. The guys here like to talk with an attitude and give everyone the finger. The site is fairly easy to navigate and allows you to download good quality videos right on to your computer. It is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something different then your typical porn models.


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