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With Marcello
Rating: 67.50
TRIAL MEMBERSHIP: $29.95 - 30 days (non-renew)
MONTHLY RENEWAL: $24.95 - 30 days, renews
REVIEWED BY: Jayden Lee, Tue Jun 03 2008
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 CONTENT Rating: 4 out of 5
British-born Italian stud, Marcello, showcases his talent for getting viewers off with his hard work out body, love of foot fetish, and, oh, yeah, his big throbbing cock, all the while mostly dressed in fine designer suits. Marcello looks like he could have just walked off the pages of GQ, with his dark hair, intense brown eyes, strong square jaw, chiseled body, English accent, and designer threads. This site is a look into the world of sexual self-pleasures surrounded by life’s luxuries from a man who grew up being spoiled by the finest things in life. Here, your eyes and cock will be treated to a wide array of luxury settings and over the top indulgences. One such indulgence is a tuxedo clad Marcello bathing his feet in champagne all served to the viewer on a sliver platter, literally. As an incentive to check him out, all the photos and videos are exclusive to the site.

There is nothing as sexy as a man in a suit or out of a suit as far as I’m concerned. For others of you who like their men in suits, you will get your fill here. This site is as much about Marcello’s well-endowed cock and hard muscle body as it is about the fancy threads he outfits himself in. It is fashion porn at its finest. Marcello also displays his fetish for socks, light bondage, and feet. Foot fetish fans will find this site well suited for them. The majority of the scenes are of Marcello showing off his large pedicured feet for foot fetish worshipers to admire. Those who can appreciate the sexiness of an oft-ignored part of the body will enjoy seeing Marcello shoot his hot load over his feet and toes. Fortunately, Marcello doesn’t limit himself to just bare feet. Many scenes include use of sheer socks and sock garters. Some bondage and rope scenes are added as well to keep things interesting. What is truly hot about this site are the intense cum shots. Marcello shoots his creamy load in hot and explosive fashion at the end of each scene and on occasion takes a taste of his own cum to finish the scene off.

 MEDIA Rating: 3 out of 5
The site offers an extensive gallery of photos and videos. This is especially unique for a site that just focuses on a single model. Most single model sites have infrequent updates. However, Marcello delivers for his fans. The photo galleries and videos are updated twice a week.

Since Marcello is a professional model – he models part time for ad campaigns – his picture gallery offers profession looking photos. The site offers a wide variety of photo spreads with well over 100 different galleries, which is quite impressive for any site. The photo galleries have excellent quality resolution and takes up majority of your computer screen. I was disappointed that the photo galleries do not have a slide show option. It is all just pick and click. You need to keep one hand free as you are jacking your own cock in order to advance the pictures in the different galleries.

When it comes to video clips, it is all about choices. Here, the viewers have a lot to choose from. The videos are played on your choice of QuickTime and Windows Media. For older video clips, only Window Media files are available. You do have to exercise some patience when downloading the clips, depending on your internet connection and size of the file, some video clips does take awhile to fully download. The best part though, all the videos can be downloaded on to your computer for future play, there are no DRM. No streaming videos on this site, just download and play.

 APPEARANCE Rating: 2 out of 5
Very simple appearance. The site design appears to be done by Marcello himself and not by a professional web designer. It has a simple black background with plain title headers and text. On the plus side, the site does not have pop up or banner ads to distract the viewer. This site is a no frills display, where its focus is just on the videos and photos. Of course, it is also just all about Marcello.
 NAVIGATION Rating: 3 out of 5
When you enter the site, you are automatically taken to the video and picture gallery page. You simply scroll down the page to see which scenes interest you. A picture gallery accompanies all videos, so you can preview videos simply by just checking out the picture gallery first. There were some dead links in the video index. Some videos, it seems, can be viewed by certain sections and not in its entirety. However, those links are all dead links, so don’t bother. Just download the entire video and fast forward if you like.

The navigation for the picture gallery was disappointing. You need to manually click each photo to advance pictures in each gallery. The site does not offer a slide show option. When you select a gallery, there are arrows at the top of page to advance the photos or numbers if you know which picture you want to go directly to. However, to go back to the main listing of all the galleries, you need to use your browsers back button, which I was disappointed in. I had to use my Internet browser’s back and forth button most of the time to get around this site. At the bottom of the page you can also choose to view his blog, updates, or get his contact information. Most of the site is just focused on the videos and photos, so there weren’t much to the other links at the bottom of the page.

 PRICING Rating: 5 out of 5
There are four pricing options and they are all pretty straight forward. The first is a 30 days membership for $24.95 with recurring billing at $19.95 every 30 days. The second choice is another 30 days membership, but with non-recurring billing, and it is only $29.95. For those who like the site and want a 60 days membership, the price is $34.95 with recurring billing at the same price every 60 days. Finally, the site offers a 180 days membership for only $69.95 with non-recurring billing. For the amount of content, with well over 100 video clips and picture gallery, this site does offer value to its members.
 OVERALL Rating: 3 out of 5
Who wouldn’t mind checking out a hot Italian stallion with a British accent, especially one that dresses in fancy suits and leather shoes? This site is all about one man, Marcello, who is proud to offer his body, cock, and feet to his fans. Here, viewers get a chance to witness this muscle stud explores his fantasies and fetishes. From feet to light bondage, Marcello delivers with style and extravagances. Although it is a simple site in design and appearance it does make up for it in terms of content. There are twice weekly updates and over 100 photo and video galleries to choose from. For foot fetish fans, this site is a must for you. It is evident from the photos and videos that this hard body stud loves sensual play with his feet. Just watching him pleasure himself with his pedicure feet is just as exciting as watching him stroke his big massive boner. There are some hot scenes where he explodes his hot cum all over his feet. He is even willing to take special requests for future scene, just click on his contact link, at the bottom of the page, and send him your request. In addition, if you like anything that he wore in the scenes, you can get them too. This goes to show, this guy truly wants to get intimate with his fans with an option to get free email updates from his site.


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